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MAS Consultant Services

Our Services

MAS Consultants provides support only in areas where we are confident of our competency and our ability to deliver the high quality service our clients expect.

Our services include:

MAS Consulting Facility Operations Dam Planning

Facility Operations Support

MAS Consultants aids review and certification processes to assist senior management supporting hydro and nuclear power upgrade efforts.

MAS Consultants also provides technical consulting services facilitating startup reviews of reactors, oxide conversion facilities
and special material purification facilities.

Staff MAS Services

Human Performance Improvement

MAS Consultants provides practical instruction that assists managers and safety professionals to assess their workspace and proactively identify and implement procedural improvements.

MAS Consultants works closely with organizations, helping them adopt HPI practices to significantly improve product quality, safety, and employee productivity.



MAS Consultants works directly with the Department of Energy's primary offices for Environment Safety and Health to modernize and implement ES&H processes, procedures and training programs across the Department.

Noteworthy experience includes the start-up of the DOE Human Performance Center, training support for the Office of Nuclear Safety, and providing facility operations support to field staff. Additionally, MAS Consultants presents an intensive, week-long accident investigation simulation that rehearses DOE's investigative process. The course covers roles and responsibilities, planning, teamwork, collecting and controlling evidence, core analytical techniques, report writing, and quality reviews.

Training at MAS Services

Security at MAS Consultants


MAS Consultants possesses corporate expertise in all phases of security training and security training support. MAS Consultants provides content and curriculum development, program delivery, individual and unit assessment/certification.

MAS Consultants specializes in aligning technical security training with flexible, deployable training modules designed to service the firearms, tactical, and specialized capabilities necessary in today's complex security environments. MAS Consultants trains across the skill spectrum and is experienced providing training at the entry level up to the skill levels traditionally associated with special operations.